Africa is highlighted as the most vulnerable continent to the adverse impacts of climate change. This is because of economies of the African countries, including the East African Community  (EAC) partners and Mozambique are generally dependent on natural resources and climate. Poverty and climate change are among the most pressing challenges globally. The Paris Agreement set the goal to hold the increase in the global average temperature to well below 2 Degrees above the pre-industrial level and pursuing efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5 Degrees above preindustrial levels. The communication alliance aims to strengthen each other and develop new and innovative approaches to influence decision-makers to take climate action  

Key Messages

Duty Bearer

Our future is in your hands, take climate action
Decision makers should implement the mitigations and adaptation measures put in place in the National Determined Contributions to reduce emissions within the Paris Agreement

Civil Society Organizations

Stand up, demand climate action
Civil Society Organization need to unite and speak in one voice, a strong voice. There is a need to raise awareness on the needs for poverty-oriented adaptation and mitigation measures.

Right Holders

Climate change is real, take climate action
Every person has a duty to cooperate with the State to protect and conserve the environment and the country’s natural resources and ensure sustainable development is carried out

Private Sector

Climate change affects all, take climate action
All the non- state actors should ensure that local resources are mobilized for those who are most vulnerable and that their needs are factored in the implementation of adaptation and mitigation strategies

Together we are united for climate action

Programmatic Communication Platform is born out of a realization that working with communication on trans boundary issues like climate change and climate action provides a unique opportunity for CSOs to meet across borders to discuss effective ways and means to advocate for both local and global climate action
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The alliance consists of SusWatch Kenya, Livaningo Mozambique, Osienala Kenya, Uganda Coalition for Sustainable Development, CREP Kenya, TaTEDO Tanzania, Umande Trust Kenya and SustainableEnergy Denmark.