We Are Uniting For Climate Action

Programmatic Communication Platform consists of eight Civil Society Organizations from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique, and Denmark. The team has united in a communication alliance with the main aim of strengthening each other and develop new innovative approaches to influence decision-makers to take climate action.

The alliance consists of SusWatch Kenya, Livaningo Mozambique, Osienala Kenya, Uganda Coalition for Sustainable Development, CREP Kenya, TaTEDO Tanzania, Umande Trust Kenya and SustainableEnergy Denmark. 

Programmatic Communication Platform is born out of a realization that working with communication on trans boundary issues like climate change and climate action provides a unique opportunity for CSOs to meet across borders to discuss effective ways and means to advocate for both local and global climate action

The alliance will from 2018 to 2019 implement the global communication strategy, "Take Climate Action". With the shared communication strategy.

The alliance aims to contribute to

Integration of adaptation interventions into on-going development and governance processes and addressed the issues locally through public and private investments benefitting vulnerable groups in Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya.

Globally there is a growing responsiveness to the unequal distribution of the negative effects of climate changes.

We Are Uniting For Climate Action